Mr. Pat Swisher

Pat Swisher | Mr. Pat Swisher | Pat Swisher | Pat Swisher | Mr. Pat Swisher | Pat Swisher
Pat Swisher: A Prominent Name in the Hygiene Services Industry Enviro-Master believes in the importance of hygiene to the health of our customers, their employees and patrons. We also know from experience that hygiene service and products must be delivered in a cost-effective manner to build and sustain long-term relationships. Finally, we recognize that "image is everything" in business, and that sanitary and clean restrooms significantly enhance our customers' image and can often increase their revenues.

Enviro Master has become the most widely recognized and trusted hygiene services providing companies with the hard work and dedication of Mr. Pat Swisher.
Pat Swisher | Pat Swisher | Mr. Pat Swisher | Pat Swisher

The Enviro Master provides a wide range of solutions for the people who find it difficult to maintain hygiene at their homes and workplaces. The Enviro-Master management team possesses more than 50 years of collective experience in the hygiene and franchise industry, has enjoyed tremendous success, and has now taken its proven business model to another level. Our new model combines the strengths of a corporate marketing and an administrative support team with the services and products delivered by local franchise owners. Additionally, it integrates today’s software and handheld technology to reduce staffing and paperwork in order to maximize time and efficiency in servicing and selling customers.  Not only does our proven, model maximize your sales and revenues; it also increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.